Scalable marketing process is a concept Mark Joyner talks about again and again, every time he gives us internet marketing lesson. So what is the Scalable marketing process?

Scalable marketing is a system that can replicate and expand without your presence. It can be done without your constant input. Because there is only so much you can get done in a day, which happens to be 24 hours. For example, writing books or teaching someone how to drive is all not scalable process. Because you only have 24 hours in a day, there are limited books you can write and limited people you can teach how to drive a car.

It is critical to build a business with scalable marketing process as time is the most important assest we all have. A good scalable marketing process example will be how Microsoft utilized IBM’s sales force to market MS-DOS. Microsoft got the money, and IBM took care of their clients. This is the best type of deal as now you can go ahead and replicate this process many times over and create huge amounts of revenue and have more room to expand.

My previous offline network support business is a bad example of Scalable marketing system. It took me about 2 years to build that network consulting business. Then I had to stop my marketing campaign, because I was too busy handling customer service myself. Of course, I can employ someone to do the services for me, but network consulting is a very professional services, and it is difficult to train a beginner to do the job properly. So my network consulting business almost had no scalability.

That’s the reason why I sold my network consulting business, and come to KaChing Tank to learn about internet marketing. Now I want to build a scalable marketing system for my online business so I can better use my time and resources, and enjoy the life

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