My first lesson learnt from Mark is the fundamental business concept “Quid Pro Quo”. We have to meet customer’s expectation so that the business can continue long term.

I had a computer services business in the past. Mark asked me what will happen if I take longer time to solve the problem than the customer expected. I usually tell the customer it will take longer than they think. If it takes longer time than the customer’s expectation, and I haven’t told him before that, I will only charge the time that the customer think is fair. If I couldn’t meet the customer’s expectation, I will lose this customer forever.

This principal also applies to marriage. I have a very special principal about marriage and love. Most of the guys will do their best to attract the girl they love, but I only do 80% of my best to attract my love. If I can attract my love in this way, I can guarantee my wife will be happy in the future. The reason being, marriage is special kind of business deal; it is a life time deal between my wife and me. I can sum it up using one marketing term. It is called UNDER PROMISE and OVER DELIVER!

Well, these are two examples from my own life experience. I had never related to my offline life with online business in this way. Mark’s first lesson helps me relate them together very well. So if you want to start your own online business, apply your successful offline business principal to the online world. Trust me, it works.

I will keep you posted.