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Scalable Marketing Process

28 Feb 2008 | : 其它

Scalable marketing process is a concept Mark Joyner talks about again and again, every time he gives us internet marketing lesson. So what is the Scalable marketing process?

Scalable marketing is a system that can replicate and expand without your presence. It can be done without your constant input. Because there is only so much you can get done in a day, which happens to be 24 hours. For example, writing books or teaching someone how to drive is all not scalable process. Because you only have 24 hours in a day, there are limited books you can write and limited people you can teach how to drive a car.

It is critical to build a business with scalable marketing process as time is the most important assest we all have. A good scalable marketing process example will be how Microsoft utilized IBM’s sales force to market MS-DOS. Microsoft got the money, and IBM took care of their clients. This is the best type of deal as now you can go ahead and replicate this process many times over and create huge amounts of revenue and have more room to expand.

My previous offline network support business is a bad example of Scalable marketing system. It took me about 2 years to build that network consulting business. Then I had to stop my marketing campaign, because I was too busy handling customer service myself. Of course, I can employ someone to do the services for me, but network consulting is a very professional services, and it is difficult to train a beginner to do the job properly. So my network consulting business almost had no scalability.

That’s the reason why I sold my network consulting business, and come to KaChing Tank to learn about internet marketing. Now I want to build a scalable marketing system for my online business so I can better use my time and resources, and enjoy the life

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How Secure Do You Feel in Your Life

22 Feb 2008 | : 其它

What is Security?

According to Wikipedia, “Security is the condition of being protected against danger or loss. In the general sense, security is a concept similar to safety. The nuance between the two is an added emphasis on being protected from dangers that originate from outside”.

Let’s look at an example:

A poor, skinny, unconfident, man has a beautiful girlfriend. One day the girlfriend goes out with a handsome and wealthy, male ‘friend’. How do you think the boyfriend will feel while his girlfriend is with this other man? Insecure, right? What is he likely to do when the girlfriend comes back? Most likely he will be angry and resentful and be angry at the girlfriend. Will this help? No it will only make it worse.

So how should he resolve the issue? He needs to confront his challenge – work out to improve his physique, become financially secure and improve his self-confidence. Only then will he be able to face his insecurities and not worry when he girlfriend spends time with other men.

However financial security does not necessarily come from having money; it is more about having the skills to make money. If I give you $1,000,000 but you don’t have the skills to make money for yourself, how secure do you feel? What if you are broke but I teach you a skill that will make you money anywhere, anytime? How secure would this make you feel? Most people would go for the second option. As the old Chinese proverb says, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”(Lao Tzu).

So security is not about how much money you have, but about your capability to make money.

Why then do most people fail? At some point most people start making excuses –

“It’s too hard”,
“I can’t do this”,
“I’m too busy”,
“Nothing ever goes right for me”,
“I don’t have the resources to do this”,
“I’m not smart enough”.

Sound familiar? Have you ever made excuses for not doing something?

The ultimate skill you can learn in life is the ability to face your challenges. When you hear yourself making excuses just think, “What is it that is stopping me from doing this?” “What can I do to overcome this challenge?”

There are two types of people in life – those who face their challenges and those who run away from them.

What is the difference between these types of people? Well, there could be many reasons – attitude, character, background, etc, but one of the fundamental reasons simple comes down to how much you exercise your brain muscle. Like any muscle, if you don’t exercise, it becomes weaker. Insecurity is therefore directly related to the strength of the muscle you use to confront your challenges.

So how do you make this muscle stronger? Simple, like any muscle you have to exercise it – mental exercise. The more you exercise it the stronger the muscle becomes.

So next time you face a challenge in your life, don’t run away from it, don’t look for an excuse. Simple ask yourself, “What do I need to do to solve this challenge”?

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从Sky Tower跳下与网上创业体验的相似之处

17 Feb 2008 | : 立志成才

从Sky Tower跳下体会网络创业的感受我现在参加的是Mark JoynerKaching Tank Traffic Boot Camp。 Mark给我们Kaching Tanker上的第一课就是从南半球最高的建筑192米高的奥克兰Skytower跳下。我是一个喜欢体验各种不同的生活经历,但如果不是参加Kaching Tank, 我是绝对不会去做这种极限运动的。


  1. 在去Skytower的路上,以及做跳前准备的时候,是属于兴奋阶段。 我有一点恐高症,但理智告诉我,跳Skytower是安全的。但因为自己从来没有做过这种事情,而且是一帮人一起去跳,觉得很开心,很好玩,所以这个时候很兴奋;
  2. 当电梯上升,透过地下的玻璃看到迅速离开地面,我的心情就马上开始紧张了起来。特别是第一次听到牵引跳跃的绳索在刹车时马达发出的巨大的轰鸣声, 让人不由得担心,这个系统安全吗?
  3. 最恐惧的当然是站在跳板上离开跳板的那一瞬间。这种恐惧是出自本能的,我觉得是理智无法把握的。我在双脚离开跳板的时候, 其中有一个手还紧紧地握住绳索不放手。身体在空中晃动,好像杂技团的高空表演一样。搞得那些看得人比我还紧张。
  4. 当身体完全离开跳板1-2秒钟,恐惧心理很快就会得到调整,随之而来的就是极度兴奋的心情。也许是因为觉得恐惧不过如此,也许是因为前所未有的不同体验,这种极度兴奋的状态可以持续到落地以后十几分钟。

其实世界上的很多事情,看上去很难,其实只要你努力去做,事情并没有我们开始想象得那么困难。从Skytower 192米的高空跳板跳下是这样,开创一个新的网络事业也一样。

有多少人兴奋的开始做一个宏伟的创业计划,而后又因为心中无数而迟迟不敢采取行动,最终因为担心失败而最后放弃。 战胜恐惧,采取行动,体验成就!这就是Mark Joyner给我们的第一课所给我们传达的信息。 也是每一个网上创业成功人士创业体验。




My First Lesson from Mark Joyner

12 Feb 2008 | : 其它

My first lesson learnt from Mark is the fundamental business concept “Quid Pro Quo”. We have to meet customer’s expectation so that the business can continue long term.

I had a computer services business in the past. Mark asked me what will happen if I take longer time to solve the problem than the customer expected. I usually tell the customer it will take longer than they think. If it takes longer time than the customer’s expectation, and I haven’t told him before that, I will only charge the time that the customer think is fair. If I couldn’t meet the customer’s expectation, I will lose this customer forever.

This principal also applies to marriage. I have a very special principal about marriage and love. Most of the guys will do their best to attract the girl they love, but I only do 80% of my best to attract my love. If I can attract my love in this way, I can guarantee my wife will be happy in the future. The reason being, marriage is special kind of business deal; it is a life time deal between my wife and me. I can sum it up using one marketing term. It is called UNDER PROMISE and OVER DELIVER!

Well, these are two examples from my own life experience. I had never related to my offline life with online business in this way. Mark’s first lesson helps me relate them together very well. So if you want to start your own online business, apply your successful offline business principal to the online world. Trust me, it works.

I will keep you posted.



07 Feb 2008 | : 网络创业

今天是中国的农历初一,在新西兰这个温暖的小岛,除了在中文电视上可以感受一点节日的快乐以外,这里几乎没有什么其它的活动可以感受新年的气氛了。不过这并不影响我自己过年的心情, 因为我知道,这个农历鼠年将成为我网络创业中最重要的一年。

一个月以前的阳历新年的时候,我写过一篇文章“2008年网络创业畅想 ”曾提过,2008年初,我准备卖掉原来的生意,全职投入网络创业之中。经过一个月努力,我已经成功卖掉了我的生意!这个星期将是我做网络咨询服务的最后一个星期。从明天开始,我就是一个fulltime internet marketer了。

从下周开始,我将从师著名网络营销专家Mark Joyner,fulltime跟他学习3个月。相信经过3个月的实战锻炼,我的网络营销水平会有一个飞跃。当然也希望,我的网络生意也开始财源广进,从此实现网上赚钱的梦想。


前一段时间,出售生意,交接客户。 由于以前双方都没有经验,丢了一个重要客户,压力很大,我甚至都忘了这个博客了。可欣的是,现在问题都解决了。我终于可以全力以赴去做我真正感兴趣的事情了。

博客我还会继续写, 我会把在Mark Joyner那里学到的一些好的技巧和经验写出来跟大家分享。我甚至在考虑将来写一些英文的博客文章, 将来要美国人的钱,我的英文写作水平还需要大大提高一下。总不能将来什么文章都找elance的人来写,对吧?

如果你继续关注我的博客,我将用行动证明我是如何实现我的网络创业5年计划我的网络创业5年计划的。提出这个5年计划的时候,我只有一个朦胧的想法。 经过一年的尝试,现在我有信心,这个计划不仅能够顺利完成,而且能够提前完成。

我以期待和向往的心情,迎接这个农历新年的来到。这个农历鼠年是我的5年计划的最重要的一年, 也将成为我事业和人生一个转折点。